an image viewer

Pynorama is an image viewer made for viewing images. It is avaiable for any platform with Gtk3 and python3 ports.

  1. Pynorama Version 0.2.7

    The 0.2.7 version of Pynorama has been released.

    In this version some bugs have been fixed, and a few notable features have been added, in particular, pynorama now has magnifier! It's drawn over the images being viewed and magnifies them.

    Version 0.2.7 Changelog

    • Extensible preferences tabs

      The tabs in the preferences dialog have been made extensible. That means an addon script can now add its own preferences tab to the dialog, which is kind of nice. Too bad there are no addons for the image viewer.

    • Customizable background

      The background colour of the image viewer can now be customized. Users can set either a flat color can be set or choose two colors for a checkered pattern.

    • Magnifying glass

      A magnifying glass has been added to the image viewer. It can be used to have different level of magnification in a small part of the window.

      Three mouse mechanisms have been added to allow it to be controlled with the mouse. There is no way to control the magnifying glass with the keyboard so far but that will change one day, maybe.

    • Bug-fixed: Auto-zoom mis-re-applied

      A bug has been fixed that caused auto-zoom feature to not work well with the image strip layout or other possible layouts that allowed the user to change the focused image through panning.

      Previously, resizing the window after panning through the images after setting the auto-zoom on a image would reapply the auto-zoom for this new image. Now, the auto-zoom calculates a zoom level using the size of the image that was the focus image when it was turned on.

      It's hard to explain, either way it's been fixed!

    • A memory leak has been fixed

      Honestly, I can't remember whether the memory leak existed in the previous version or I created it after that but I'm reporting it either way so it appears I'm actually being busy.

    • Massive refactoring

      Most of the program code has been divided into new files. This might help organizing it, or not. I'm not sure whether it will affect the capabilities of the program itself.

      Being busy.

    If you want more information about the changes you might want to check the 0.2.6 to 0.2.7 commit log.

  2. Pynorama Version 0.2.6

    According to this website, a new version of Pynorama has been released.

    This new version focused primarily on opening images. Not much has been done, it was mostly refactoring. A bunch of bugs have been fixed and the text printed to the console is now coloured. I think that is pretty neat.

    Version 0.2.6 Changelog

    • Bug fixed: Certain preferences were not being saved

      In the last version release, somehow, the auto zoom mode preference was not added to the preference saving list. It's now been added and is saved normally, I hope.

      When exiting the aplication after changing the layout preferences using menu items, those preferences weren't saved. That has been fixed too.

    • Bug fixed: Filenames pasted that start with an user code are now correctly identified as filenames.

      Before, if you pasted a filename such as ~/Pictures/cake.jpg it wouldn't be opened because it isn't an absolute path. Now the tilde is automatically expanded, and the file is correctly opened.

    • When opening a directory without images, subdirectories are automatically opened too.

      If you try to open a directory that doesn't have any images but has subdirectories, those subdirectories will be being opened. If those directories don't have images but have subdirectories, the same thing happens, recursively, until it stops happening.

    • Clicking on the Add button in the open image dialog doesn't close the dialog anymore.

      If you click the Add button an image or directory will be added to the image viewer but the dialog will be kept open so you can add more images and/or directories.

      Clicking on the Open button after clicking in the Add button will not remove all images from the image viewer, but it will close the dialog.

      Incidentally clicking on the Cancel Close button always closes the dialog.

    • The entire image opening API has been redesigned.

      This means nothing to the end user, but to developers it means there is a new flawed way to tell the program to do its thing.

    • The text printed to the console is now coloured.

      I think that is pretty neat!

    You should check the 0.2.5 to 0.2.6 commit log for more information about the changes made in this version.

  3. Pynorama Version 0.2.5

    A new version of Pynorama apparently got released.

    This new version has mostly internal changes. Nothing of exceptional was added.

    Version 0.2.5 Changelog

    • Mouse functions can be bound to Ctrl, Alt and Shift keys

      With this, different things can be achievement with the same mouse button or wheel. For example, pynorama can be configured so that the scroll wheel can be used for scrolling the contents of an image, but when the Ctrl key is pressed it will zoom to the mouse pointer instead.

    • Images can now be copied
    • Text can be pasted into the image viewer

      Raw text, copied from text boxes and other applications, can now be pasted into the image viewer. The text will be interpreted as if it was a valid URI. If it's not a valid URI, nothing will happen.

    • Improved memory performance for opaque images

      Opaque images were wrongly stored with an alpha channel which they didn't need. That has been fixed so, if my math is right, opaque images now use 1/4 less memory.

    • Tooltips have been added to the statusbar
    • Minor bugs have been fixed
      • The Loading text that was supposed to replace the image dimensions in the statusbar when an image is loading now actually replaces the image dimensions in the statusbar when an image is loading.

      • A few focus detection and image positioning bugs have been fixed on the image strip layout. And it still doesn't work. But at least it no longer locks panning images if an huge image is beside to a very small one.

  4. Pynorama Version 0.2.4

    A new version of Pynorama technically got released. In this new version there are Makefiles! That means you can now install this thing. That also means, intalling this thing may not work. Regardless, the new version is avaiable on GitHub under the v0.2.4 tag.

    Besides makefiles a ton of preferences have been added. Let's be honest, this program has way too many settings for an image viewer. I've been thinking of changing the slogan to an image viewer and control panel.

    Version 0.2.4 Changelog

    • View alignment has replaced scrollbar position

      The default scrollbar position feature was intended to automatically move the scrollbars to a position after changing images.
      That didn't work well with the image strip layout because the way scrollbar positions are calculated when images fit inside the view is different of when they don't fit inside the view.

      This new settings does the aligning properly plus it can be used as default alignment, pivot point or anchor point in a number of other features that have access to the image view widget.

    • Mouse settings have been added

      A Mouse tab has been added to the preferences dialog. In that tab you can add or remove mouse mechanisms which control what the mouse does in relation to the view.
      There are currently seven mouse mechanisms to choose from, they are:

      • Drag to Pan
      • Move Mouse to Pan
      • Drag to Spin
      • Drag to Stretch
      • Scroll to Pan
      • Scroll to Zoom
      • Scroll to Spin

      Each mechanism can be added multiple times, each instance has it's own settings and they can be given nicknames to help identify which is which. If the mechanism needs a button, such as the ones for dragging, the button can be choosen with a mouse click.

  5. Pynorama Version 0.2.3

    A new version of Pynorama sort of got released. Preferences were added to the program that required a lot of code and that pratically nobody is going to use. Check the v0.2.3 tag on GitHub to get this version.

    Of course, I'm talking about the preferences of the incredibly super amazing layout stuff that nobody is going to extend any further than this.

    Version 0.2.3 Changelog

    • A View → Layout menu was added

      Users can now select between the two currently avaiable album layouts, Single Image and Image Strip, plus any future layout added to the program. If anybody programs a new one, that is.

    • The image strip layout can now be configured

      There is now a settings dialog and a bunch of menu items for configuring how the image strip layout places its images.

      The single image layout didn't get a settings dialog, or a bunch of menu items, because it's too bland and has no settings to configure at all.

    • Menu tooltips are now shown in the statusbar

      Finally, the statusbar does something more useful than just displaying the loading status, and occasional loading errors. It now shows a tooltip menu items being hovered by the mouse.

      It also shows the tooltips if you select a menu item through the keyboard, which I assume nobody does.